Reiki Kanji

Literally speaking, Kanji are Chinese symbols used in the Japanese language. Kanji are referred to as ideograms. They are characters that constitute a certain meaning that corresponds to word or group of words. When used together, Kanji can create an entirely new idea, a concept, or phrase.

What is Kanji?

The Reiki Kanji, used independently, is a symbol. Its origin can be traced back to ancient times. The Reiki Kanji symbol is powerful and holds very complex meanings. In Reiki, this symbol can be used for personal protection as well as for the development of your own well-being.

When compared to Western writing, Kanji are pictograms that represent words and ideas. Unlike the English alphabet, a sole Kanji is not a syllable or a letter used to form words. One Kanji symbol already has its own meaning. If combined with another, the meaning of the symbol is compounded.

The Reiki Kanji is often drawn with the Rei symbol on top and the Ki right below it. Rei means universal life and Ki corresponds to energy. Together, they mean Reiki or the Universal Life Energy. This symbol is the main foundation of Reiki.

Practical Uses

The Reiki Kanji can be used to balance energy radiating from any person, object or feeling. When the symbol is placed inside a room, it is believed that the energy can protect that room and keep it safe. To achieve this, simply place the Reiki Kanji symbol in a spot such as in a portrait or a picture frame. Without much effort, energy will radiate from the symbol and fill the entire room.

It is also said that Reiki Kanji can dispel electromagnetism. If a Reiki Kanji symbol is placed near a power outlet, it can shield the outlet from damages caused by electromagnetic discharges. All you need is a small icon of the Reiki symbol placed on the outlet that is oriented towards the northern wall. The same concept can be applied to batteries. Just place the symbol inside the main power source of electronic items (such as mobile phones) and it will protect the entire unit from emanations.

In a much deeper aspect, the Reiki Kanji is used to summon energy. Such energy can be applied to anything, with healing being the primary application. The Reiki Kanji is regarded to be a very sacred symbol that was kept secret by the Reiki masters and practitioners during the ancient times. Before today's technology, these symbols could only be memorized and visualized. The students, including the masters themselves, were not allowed to keep copies of them.

While such secrecy is not practiced anymore, and the Reiki Kanji is easily available even to the uninitiated, the sacredness of the symbols is retained. Its power relies on the practitioner who will use it.
The symbol is just a tool - it is a representation of the energy but it isn't the energy itself. Even so, the power of these symbols when used in the Reiki context is insurmountable. This is mainly the reason why it can heal, improve, and transform anyone into a better person than they were previously.



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